Most Hilarious Holiday Pet Moments

Sometimes pets are more entertaining during the holidays than your drunk relatives. These videos are proof!

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Original Links:
Cat Wears Santa Costume:
Hugo opening presents at Christmas 2014:
Winston the elf:
Our Cat versus Owl Moment:
Baby Goat:
Christmas Dog Sings Jingle Bells – Super Cute:
Raccoon Playing With A Scarf:
Santa kitty can’t stand:
Weasley Ginger Kitten vs Christmas Tree:
Puppy v.s. Itchy Sweater:
Cat wrecks Christmas Tree:
Cat Stares off into Space:


Melisa Tokalova says:


The Lord Loves You says:

A dog's reaction to a new sweater: DANCE PARTY

A cats reaction: Flop.

Crazy Funny Cats says:

We subbed please visit us too k?🐾🐯🇨🇦👽

Crazy Funny Cats says:

😆so cute at the beginning with da cat santa 🐾✨👍

The cat falling over 😂

Cutecoyo says:

1:57 that cat looks very dramatic. o.o Subscribed

Tonija D says:

real cat super cute

Fluffy KittyHawkGaming says:

I loved the Holiday Goat!!!

ymh xtx says:

damn i shocked watching first video

Toychica T.C says:


N. Hamilton says:

I thought only homosapiens could stand erect.

drshades1 says:

The link to "Raccoon Playing With A Scarf" goes to a raccoon eating oreos, not a raccoon playing with a scarf.

Tara kereopa says:

what was the cat looking at ?

GreenCreeperBoy says:

this was f%cking hillarious!!!!

Hart Koller says:

So cute!

Gerry Winget says:

my cats dont, dress up loll

Gerry Winget says:

lol sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

John Bonardi says:

Putting clothes on cats is just mean.

LilyLovesLps says:

so cute the kittens are de best

Vania Aparecida says:

Gatinhos fofus

fluffy butt says:

The kid! <3

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