Best of Pudge the Cat Vine and Instagram Compilation

A compilation of my favorite Vine and Instagram videos of Pudge featuring her special sounds, snorts and snores, and her obsession with bubbles and shadows. Follow Pudge on Vine and Instagram for more videos!

The sounds Pudge makes are totally normal for a flat-faced creature. Think of her as the cat version of a pug. Pudge has no health issues or difficulty breathing.

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James Ervin says:

That cat is cute.

RandomCat SpeciesUnknown says:

It is official what my favourite breed of cat is

Metashrew says:

she's so cute!
But oh boy those noises are demonic!

curiouzcatz says:

lets all face it………………………………………………………PUDGE IS ADORABLE

Amieroll Mukminin says:

there fat cat garfield, grumpy cat, bootsy cat, this one must be….
a Pirate Cat… slanted right eye… coarse sound…. snoring… clumsy…
aye must be Barbosa's avatar… Parley!!…

Gabriela Fontenla says:

Love is cat!! So cute!!!!!!!

naomi charles says:

how old is pugde (sorry if I spelled it wrong)

TheNerdyVixen says:

This cat is amazing!! So cute!

Maureen Desquitado says:

Pudge you are adorable!!!!

LookaButterfly says:

I'm soooo in love!

Craig Malkin says:


pandypop1 says:

Wow what a beautiful & fun kitty :D

vadere absquenomen says:

i want one!


I think a pig and an exotic cat mated and made pudge she is so adorable 💕💕💕🐱🐱🐱😋😋😋

AlienNarr says:

If Pudge was completely orange, and a boy – she would be my little Ben Hurr exactly!
Thank you so much for posting these, I absolutely love watching her and all the sounds she makes reminds me of my little Benners rip
They definitely have quite the personalities hahaha! <3

Jeffrey mol says:


Anna Quillen says:

I LOVE the sounds of her nose. She's so friggin cute, I can barely stand it

Fawn Toy says:

Aaaaw, Pudge loves her mammy!!!💖

trinalps says:

the sounds are so hilarious! xD

Emilly Manyheads says:

Too cute

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