Funny Cats and Dogs Love Water Compilaton 2016

Some dogs and cats hate water, but these crazy cats and dogs love it!

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!


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Nadia Lopez says:

2:19 cat profectionist

Nadia Lopez says:

.47 must have

Michelle Voller says:

i wish my pet's can go on YouTube" said Josie

D Sullivan/Murphy says:

Idiot cat washing jackasses, does the lamebrain washing her cat @ 3:30 mark really think she needs a tub filled with that much water to get the job done? It's the equivalent of her bathing in a backyard pool. Poor cats, bad enough they need forever homes but end up with forever morons a caretakers.

8Source Energy8 says:

I've never seen a cat being bathe before. I guess it's due to them(cats) bathing themselves, so there's no need to bathe them, for they're always licking their paws and so on. So that(seeing a cat being bathe) was a new one for me. Dogs, on the other hand, it(bathing them) seems to be a norm, lol, for they(dogs), well the ones I've been around, care not about bathing, unless it's simply licking their privates, and that's not really bathing. Or is it(simply cleaning one's private) for a dog? Idk, lol.

Inger Larsen says:

Det er tydeligt at se, mange af kattene ikke nyder det,nogle er paniske.

Spirit Wolf06 says:

the ca ts and dogs are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chilo31416 says:

To many retards don't know how to bath a cat properly.

Do NOT submerge a cat
Do NOT pour water onto its face
Do NOT run the faucet loudly or make loud noises while cat is in water
Do NOT put cat in bathtub full of water

If you are to stupid to understand how to bath a cat without making it panic then you are to stupid to own a cat. 

Put it on a towel and use a wet cloth if you have already mentally messed up your cat.

Otherwise learn to proper way to clean a cat.

This video was not at all funny, to most people.

Ron Gowans-Savage says:

For cats that hate getting a bath, put a window screen that you don't mind getting torn up. Most cats hate getting a big tub for a bath. The window screen gives them something to grab onto, and may help ease some panic 'cattacks'.

Neela Long says:

That black lab in the fountain is just to cute.

Gamer Girl says:

bei 4.26: wie die auch noch so lachen kann weil die Katze sich abquält da raus zu kommen. einfach nur so… ich weis nicht ob ich Daumen hoch oder runter geben soll. es gibt ja auch süße und lustige Szenen, wie der Hund in dem brunnen

Denise Frickey says:

Most of the cats were NOT loving the water. Not funny! Learn the difference.

Heidi says:

It is NOT loving water when an animal is obviously terrified. There's a huge line between loving and cruelty. 😿

Bear The Cat says:

1:02 POOR CAT!

azramaniacNo1 says:

Sadistic humans. Cats hate water, must not be pushed to water ever. Awful  video.


Dog wouldn't be in my bathtub that's a NO in my book! =D other that all the animals featured in this video are so very Cute!

Paola Nikel says:

Armen Katzen!!!😭😭😭😢😢😢

Paola Nikel says:

due arme Katze die gewaschen werden musste!!!😭😭😢😢

Pat Stokes says:

some people have a cruelness in them that they don't even see. That young women with a small cat and a very full tube of water for one is cruel. thumbs down

Laughing My Heiny Off says:

You need to change the title to "dogs love water, cats hate water and some pet owners like to torture their pets"

Most cats are efficient cleaning themselves and it is not natural to them to be soaked like that. Flea baths, poop stuck to their heiny, they are hairless or just have skin problems, special occasions but NOT for youtube likes or casual. Bathing in water is a human thing, or something for animals that need/enjoy it…you know like birds or dogs. Cats don't and humans do this for their own sick amusement. You could even just pat and scrub them down with a wet cloth or use a damp brush if you absolutely had to and they would be okay with it usually, but people would rather torture/drown their cat in a tub and film it for youtube.

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