CUTEST dog trick video with rescue dog and kid [Chico the rescue dog]

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If you are moved by videos about dogs, kids, perseverance, friendship, and love, this video is for you!

This video is inspired by the friendship that share my 7-yr-old son and his adopted dog.

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***The most beautiful rescue dog video for Dan-O’s most beautiful song!***
This a dog trick video about perseverance, facing challenges, overcoming fears, trust, friendship and love. Chico is a rescue miniature poodle mix we recently adopted in a Quebec shelter. This smart little dog is featured in this video, performing dog tricks alongside his young friend and trainer.

Chico is an old stray dog (mostly poodle x retriever) that was found neglected and abandoned in the streets. We adopted him at the SPCA Monteregie shelter (Quebec) a few months ago. Even if Chico began his dog training at an old age (he would shake paws, but could not sit pretty when we adopted him), this miniature poodle-x can now perform more than 40 different dog tricks. Chico is trained entirely with the use of positive reinforcement and clicker training. This poodle mix is obviously a work dog that loves more than anything to learn new tricks, and it’s always amazing to see how fast he can pick up new behaviors during our dog training sessions!

LIST OF DOG TRICKS to teach to your pooch, featured in the video: scratch your nose, put 1 and 2 coins in a wine glass, crawl, give your paw, backward circles (around a person and around one leg), on the food bowl, in the food bowl, sideways cop cop (4 paws on 2 feet), your feet on mine, figure 8s, walk on hind legs, sit pretty, lift your paw.

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Such a smart dog! Chico is a poodle-x that was abandoned in the streets… Did they know how smart this dog can be? Probably not. If you’re looking for some smart dog videos, you’re at the right place. Visit our channel for more cute dog trick videos:

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Les petits tours de Chico - Chico's Dog Tricks says:

Congrats on adopting a rescue dog! I'm sure your chihuahua is very lucky to have you as his new "furever" family. And thank you for your nice comment!

Londyn Guillory says:

My Chihuahua is also a rescue dog, and I love the joy in his eyes of being a part of such a wonderful family!

Les petits tours de Chico - Chico's Dog Tricks says:

Thanks Vicki!! 🙂

Les petits tours de Chico - Chico's Dog Tricks says:

Thank you! Training is his life, he eats all his kibbles while learning new tricks, and he refuses to eat if I don't train him! He's a very special dog!

kidowmer says:

Chico is a wonderful dog! I can tell he is very intelligent & willing to please! You've done a great job teaching him all these cute tricks! I enjoyed watching them all! Well done! 🙂

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