Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Compilation 2016

Dogs welcoming soldiers home never gets old. The heartwarming sweetness is almost too much to handle!

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!


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Rose Hogue says:

Great video!!

KailaTheCovertOne says:

The bub face is gone

ThatGuy26 _ says:

If you're ever feeling down, watch this video and it will turn that frown upside down!

Sochy winzies says:

OMG I love the new outro

Femke Theunis says:

So cute!

bluefirekin says:

At 1:35 the cat is all, "Meh… whatever.." lol. Seriously though, beautiful video!

Regular Dude says:

cat be like : oh you home now ? go get me some food

Arzu Mehrali says:

touchy and cute

fatima ali says:

Always makes me cry…💔

Ellu H says:

Aww, this is tol cute 😍

Vaso Do says:

If there's a dog back home all the others just have to wait….

JDog Maloney says:

cat version: eh what took you so long I'M HUNGRY CHOP CHOP

hung tran says:

OMG i luv the pug at the outro, but the video was awesome keep it up!

Emma Thumann says:

what did we do to deserve dogs ;-;


See the thing with cats is they wouldn't give a shit

Fun Kid Vids says:

Like your video!

Lucas Ross says:

lik dis if u cri evertim

Melissa Twomey says:

My three dogs do this every single day except I'm not in the military I come home from school LOL

June bug says:

My dog is like this everyday, the only difference being I come home from school, not the military. 😂

Mystery Person says:

this was sooo cute

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