14 Funny Pet Videos Compilation 2016

From a Golden Retriever making a mess out of cardboard to a kitten playing patty cake, here are 14 of our favorite funny pet clips.

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Original Links:
Golden Retriever Makes a Mess with Cardboard
Kitten Steals Potato
Husky vs. Cat
Colt Plays with Barrel
Little Dog Scratches Bigger Dog’s Back
Staring at Owls at an Animal Cafe
Kitten Plays the Guessing Game
Owl Rides on Horse Toy
Dogs Ride Waves with Owner
Dog and Dolphin Swim Together
Dog Balances on Back of Scooter
Kitten Plays Patty Cake
Baby Seal Tries to Suck on Guy’s Foot


D.I.Y. TIME says:

That Seal Made Me Melt😭😘😍

Renatas Janavicius says:

The seal be like WHAT ARE THOSE!!!

monica caballero says:


HorseLover 191 says:

the last one with the baby seal is so adorable.

crazed armin fangirl (Armin's baby mama) says:

that seal melted my heart😍😍😍😍

Jalexie Lu says:

Cute animals are my weakness XD

Jalexie Lu says:

Cute animals are my weakness XD

Superbanana says:

That seal is so cute!

leo ll says:

are the humans in this video playing with cats, or are the cats playing with humans?

albertus yulianto says:

The seal is sooooooo cute

Priyasha Ray says:

I want an owl after watching this video

Fire Doge says:

Seals are dog mermaids

Paige James says:

Amazing video!

sherocks54 says:

I love animals that's why I went vegan love for all

Asha Muhana says:

lol adoreble

Asha Muhana says:


Sabrina says:

I wonder if the seal was a rehabillitated seal and that was why she was braver in checking out the photographer. She also might've just been fairly young, and so more willing to explore new things. I can also see the seal just figuring since the photographer had been there for that long that he was just a funky looking seal.

Yuno Gasai says:

I love the seal

AmericanPaint181 says:

I can't handle how cute the deal is 😀

John Stromboly says:

I want that lil' singing horsy ewwwwww

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