Our Awesome Dog Gate – FAIL | Furry Gurus

So I decided to make a video about our wonderfull dog gate. It lets the cats roam free while keeping the dogs on the other side (well…).

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Pawzz says:

De twee Honds en de drie Kats zijn dus schattig!! by the way i didn't translate this

Munchito696 says:

Just saw this again on Tumblr, this is a funny one

Inucat says:

if you leave the mini door closed you cats should be able to just jump over it. my cat always jumped over the one fence in the garden and they look o be the same height

El vlog de mi perro says:

great family

GetFitGamer says:

that was funny

BlueStarKat says:

Lol they should make a smaller door for the cats xD i had a feeling that would happen! Cute video!

curlyproductions says:

Ha ha ha

TheAgarioGamer //TAG says:

your pets are so cute aswell

Mysli the Cat says:

It keeps one dog on the other side… Is Ziggy too big or too not-smart to go through?

Liz Wong says:

Maya is just showing her husky heritage. No hole or gap is too small for a husky. Just ask Nikita from the Thundering Herd!


TheAgarioGamer //TAG says:

awww so cute but u can make the door a bit smaller? XD

Munchito696 says:

I wasn't expecting that, I thought they would do brute force and knock it over like Lola. That was pretty slick lol

Life of Morteili says:

Haha, perfect :D

Louie The Beagle says:

Hahaha that scratch sound fits perfectly!! 😂😂

LuckyDog 26 says:

I'm sorry if I'm asking you so many questions I JUST LOVE YOUR CHANNEL

ninjaspirit7 says:

LoL… Some dogs… they are so smart.

LuckyDog 26 says:

Awesome I need that for my cats

LuckyDog 26 says:

Hey furry gurus I STILL LOVE YOUR CHANNEL. Do you have any other music suggestions

Pawzz says:

soo cute!

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