Dogs never fail to amuse us – Funny and cute dog compilation

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Zeleniak says:

it s mlp music lyra anthrogy

Huskypup 06 animates says:

humans never fail to amuse me

Mayra says:

dümps dümps dümps no more no more no more no more

theinkbrain says:

Nothing here was funny.

AGDolls says:

who else noticed the music in background was hit the road jack

Rat Dog? says:

No to be rude or anything but +tigerproductions can you do more videos without the music plz

Porto Bengal says:

lol 1:20 the cat is wondering… what is that creature?!

Anubis De León says:

i love those dogs bringing happiness where ever they go.

Saurabh Sharma says:

1:21 cat is like "Wait! wth are you exactly? A puppy or a rabbit?" 😂

Joely Helms says:

I live how it was the clip of the pug being told he couldn't have anymore food, then the next clip showed a pug licking and eating another dogs ear. lol should of just fed the pug.

Joely Helms says:

XD the corgi in the hole

Jessica Negron says:

the funny part is when the dog run to get the ball and he/she falls on the ground

BloodVixenXXX says:

1:49 I swear that pug is staring into my soul

Marvin Hummel says:

hit the road jack, and dont you come back 🙂 nice music choice

Merry Em says:

You recycle too much here. Most of the videos you alread had in your compilations.

khaetsky says:

what's the music?

Savannah Echeverria says:

I don't know how and when I subscribed, but I like this. This video is adorable.

Liudmila S. says:

I like the music, animals are adorable!

Betül Karatas says:

Deutsche hier ??

MetalJayFPS says:

please, for the love of god, stop with the stupid music. I'd much rather hear a chihuahua constantly barking than the crappy music selection. that's saying a lot. just let the video sound be the only sound. you're not impressing anyone with your toddler grade music

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