Dogs and babies are best friends – Cute and funny compilation

It’s awesome how good friends can dogs and human babies can be. They play together, learn from each other, they totally trust each other, give kisses and so on. Isn’t that cute 😉 I hope you liked this compilation. If so, please SUBSCRIBE. Please check out also our other channels and videos. Thanks!

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Slim Shany says:

For crying out loud, whyyy add the crappy piano tune?

FoxesForTheWin says:

Is it weird that I cried watching this?

Harvey Bower (hEX02) says:

2:25 the most adorable thing I have ever seen IN MY LIFE

Harvey Bower (hEX02) says:

2:25 the most adorable thing I have ever seen IN MY LIFE

GalaxyStar Gaming says:

how adorable

uppanadam74 says:

@1:41 I was in tears of happiness!! Literally!!

cheung erin says:

The music is called 'every time i kissed you'. It is from an anime called Pandora Heart

Drhei DC says:

what is the title of the music?

Rebecca brachw says:

So cute I'm crying 😭

jew bew says:

I'm crying

Kalimero Black says:

whats the name of the song ?

Rykel Jensen says:

Me while watching the video: MY HEART!!!!!

Claudine L says:

c est mimi !😉

Jayden Melo says:

The 2 pink dressed babies eyes popped out two

Jayden Melo says:

So sad and cute I just want to cry

Dani Stoner says:

i like the dogs!!!!!

sophia shokraei says:

Watching theses videos reminds me of how much I love my dog!!

Snovia Singh says:

dogs r just so nice

Abijith Sasinair says:

babies are retards….

Brian Henriquez says:


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