Dog and baby do clean up

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Dog and baby do clean up with popular baby song

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georgio jansen says:

forgot how fun it is to have small children and a dog. goedendag

dorothycarnahan says:

Charlie & Laura Olivia, you are so clever and very neat to clean up your room. I'm going to get my husband a beautiful little beagle to teach him how to clean up. Unless you two will come over & teach him!

Gina Illescas says:

I love it!!

dorothycarnahan says:

What an adorable couple of pals! Great teamwork, Laura Olivia & Charlie. Charlie, you are one clever dog!

V Blondin says:

Have you thought about a swimming video? When Laura gets older. Do beagles like water?😏

XD Gamer says:

There are very sweet

LadyWinnieTheGSP says:


V Blondin says:

Too cute and they are having fun! Thanks. How about doggie bath time! Or let's get the mail

Buffy Buffers V (Poetic Seasons) says:

Oh, how cool!!! I love Charlie!!!!!

Patricia Goodwin says:

This is cuteness overload, absolutely love these two!!

HeavenOnlie says:

This song is going to be stuck in my head forever !
I love Charlie and Laura !
From France :)

m1uffi says:

I also want two so hardworking housekeepers!!

Tigerdeer says:

Good grief … how much cuter can these duo get?!
I loved Laura O dancing a jig! She's so chilled out that little girl! xoxox

Geles Aceves says:

So adorable! I'm in love with them!!! 😘😘😘


Beagle and baby has ended perfectly clean.
What a great team work!

ShynnCat says:

What about a video of Laura preparing and giving Charlie his dog food? :)

Inherently Flawed Notion of Fate says:

Is this the wiggles???

Anne Apolis says:

Now I've got that clean-up song in my head for the rest of the day!

Anne Apolis says:

Laura giving Charlie a bath.

Sky Shimmertail says:

Can you make a video where Charlie shows Laura how to make breakfast for them both?

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