Dog And Baby Deer Play In The Yard

Watch this dog entice his new friend into playing and chasing around the backyard!


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So_Wavy _Zoren says:

I didn't see the baby play with the deer

Bitty Kitty says:

I'll be honest right now, those fuzzy antlers are freaking adorable. I love peachy antlers <3

Cutie Baby says:


chrissy web says:

good dog, good deer

Kelley Butler says:

I think that is cute

Jean Kirschtein says:

That's not a deer…that's a forest puppy…and what's a deer?

Dean Soings says:

baby deer?? ,, huh? lol simeone needs glasses, thats no baby,, wat tha!? and also the deer was not playing, uh, the deer didnt want anything to do with the dog. 

xenoepist says:

that deer could have fucked up that little dog. it's a good thing it wasn't too agresive

MIles Ignotus says:

It might be rutting season and the buck needs to stake his territory.

Trevor Hill says:

Is that dog was any slower, that deer would have stomped on it and drove his horns into it. Your lucky. And that buck is not a fawn, it has a rack, any deer with spike horns or button bucks are not fawns

surgeyX says:

That deer could have seriously injured your dog…

theru22 says:

at 1:19 the dog is like.. yea you better fuck off!

Andrea Johnson says:

1K liker

Carmela Romano (Carmie) says:

Wow!  Beautiful video.

vivek ibrampurkar says:

Dog's can be crazy. Deer people vs. Dog people. 

Gina Pressley says:

these people are lucky their dog didn't get stomped on because that deer wasn't playing.

Simone Miller says:

The der and the dog are not friends. That is for sure. Do not play with the deer it is a wild animal and not your friend. The pup has the right idea: go away deer.

NubScrub _Nub_PvP says:


gladis bellaver says:

São crianças…

Thad Curry says:

Whr baby dear at

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