Pit Bull Squirrel non Attack

Gypsy demonstrates how it IS possible to overcome the prey drive with firm, consistent training. This squirrel repeatedly came within inches of touching the dog’s feet and she held herself together and only moved toward the squirrel when it suddenly turned and ran back up the vine, but even that was a half hearted and quickly corrected attempt. Having previously owned American Pit Bull Terriers that had uncontrollable prey drives and negative dog association and just “accepting it as part of the breed”, I’ve decided that being a bully/crazed carnivore isn’t acceptible in a dog like Gypsy, whom I walk daily past smaller animals and other dogs attempting to engage in a fight. Life is so much easier with a calm pit bull terrier.
You can’t see that I’m holding an English slip lead under both feet, keeping her secure. When I say “Leave it, I’m giving a slight tug on the lead as she shifts positions toward the squirrel. I try to distract her with a treat, which she refuses. Ideally, I shouldn’t even allow her so much eye contact with the smaller animal, but we are still progressing in our manners training.


UrMomsUnforgivable says:

Now here is a good dog. Actually listens when told not to attack, but that is because it was not raised by thugs or 'gangstas'

hippa2dahoppa2 says:

and put a god damn muzzle on that vicious beast!

hippa2dahoppa2 says:

i agree with you 100% and then she would of went on lecturing how good her dog is lol. all these pit nutters are mental

hippa2dahoppa2 says:

why would you risk this? thats good and all that it didnt attack it but what if it did you dont even take safe cautious steps you just sit there and test the dog like a fat bastard thats how people and other animals get attacked

msrayofsunshine777 says:

Probably ate it after the video lol

lily1013 says:

Great dog! Gives me a lot of hope. We just adopted a 9 month old rescue pit who got along great with the foster's cats, but is chasing ours. We also have a lot of chickens, and he rushes the pens and was determined to get at a rooster he saw in a carrier. I'm working hard with the Leave It command, and I hope I can get him to be disinterested in the chickens & cats so we can have a nice calm walk outside or allow him to be around the cats in the same room (of course always supervised!)

taterhead15 says:

ive had squirrel hunting dogs for 25 years and if thats what you like then have at it. mine are trained to tree first and kill them second. its not selfcontrol for the animal if its scared shitless to get shocked by that collar. thats more cruel to me than letting what comes naturel to the animal. your breaking the spirit of the dog when you wont let it act on the insticts that been in canines for thousands of years. just my outlook. but pits r the shit breed of dog in the world

fixedgearjerk says:

Should have kept the camera rolling, would love to see the reward for good behavior!!

fixedgearjerk says:

Very well done ladies!!!

eggy661 says:

lol my pit is scared of squirrels xD

capc247 says:

Gypsy looks like the female version of my Cowboy. have look see. great video.

Darci Day says:

WOW, AMAZING DOG!! You did such a good job with her, you really did. I am sooo impressed, it's people like you who i admire. I've been working on impulse control with my pitbull and i'm not even close to that point (he thinks squirrel chasing is a fun game). Beautiful dog

brainsbeforebeauty says:

I tell my dog to `leave it“ it too.. it works. Beautiful pit by the way. My pit doesnt respond to the slip lead, we ( my boyfriedn and i) have her on a prong, but we use it responsably. and its not the super sharp ones, its very dull. I`ve worn it and he`s worn it and we`ve snapped it hard and it doesnt hurt us. Cute though 🙂

DPKArizona says:

sorry cannot help you who people hate pit bull because they said pit bull born to FEAR. Pit bull attacked my small dog WHY?

Sultana Zafar says:

nice to see you appreciate all animals

bettiepagestyle says:

It isn't "hate" that motivates them to chase, it's prey drive. The same prey drive also makes them chase toys, want to play with you and allows working dogs like police dogs to work hard for the reward of biting into a toy. Teaching self control is very important, even a high drive dog needs to be able to obey its owner.

frasher81 says:

Why is it my pitbull could be around dogs and people but hated everything else.

rizzo216 says:

GOOD DOG!!!!!! that is VERY hard for ANY breed of dog to control their chase instinct!! Good gir Gyspy!!!


fukin boring

cisopen says:

One of the best trained Pits on youtube.

Lessons learned:
1. Great tone of voice: shows leadership and no babying.
2. Good idea to shift pit's attention to yourself. Very similar to my "watch me" command

It's too bad the people who need to watch this are posting pits chewing on a tire, pits chasing things, pits getting advertised for studding…

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