Incredible Dog Videos of the Week Compilation 2016

Nothing like an adorable dog with a birthday cake to kick off our collection of the top five dog videos of the week. Unless it’s another cute dog on a trampoline… to jumpstart your weekend!

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-AprilKinz- says:

dat great dane do

-AprilKinz- says:

ducks and dogs-can't get much cuter

Zeus the Pit Bull Advocate says:

Thanks for the feature!

Bumble Bee says:

anyone with a pet please respond with the name of the pet and what they are ( only do this if your pet is on your channel ) thanks so much, it's just, I think I've watched all the puppy videos there are so thanks alot😁

Smit Rome says:

WAY too damn handsome !!!

Abaddon Drums says:

I'm always scared when I see bigger and smaller animals together, even more when they are different species. I mean, You can't really predict what will happen. It only takes one stronger bite.

Katieboil Anegg says:

BIRTHDAY DOG! He was looking so pleased with himself!

aqdx says:

hey dude! my new video is a sick edit and i hope you watch and enjoy it! :)

ShenaeAU says:

First dog at the beginning didn't look ok :s

Adolfo Manzanares says:

I just love this channel!

mz40oz says:

hahahahaja dog at the end and birthday dog was my faves

I'm Nate says:


Joely Helms says:

:3 the duckies

pablo Quintero says:


Laguneras. VIP. says:


JCool Minecraft Gameplay says:

awesome video!

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