Cute Tiger & Puppy unlikely friends play together & Swim

Tiger “Thunder” & Dog “Tyber”‘s meeting at Dade City’s Wild Things. . who will be the Alpha and the history behind this amazing story.


Rez says:

Thunder is a really cool name for a tiger

Justin Dessilas says:

This seems cruel

mercidita andrade says:


Skip Hedgepath says:

Nice job. Enjoyed this interaction. Pls keep these videos coming as they show how different species an interact.

jessica cedeno says:

omg i think thats so adorable

Elizabeth Porco says:

umm I don't think this is safe for anyone the cage are to small a some have hard floors

tyke monster says:

Much better love story than twilight 😛 and loved that tiger, they are so beautiful creatures

Brittany B says:

This is so cute!!!

alma rosa says:

They look so cute together!!!!!

Simon Christiansen says:

This is so American

DecaSpace says:

Tony the Tiger: Now, now, Junior… what did I say about not playing with your food? That's not GRRRRRRRRRREEEATTTT…..

Aglenn Bernard says:

The woman is beautiful

cheryl harris says:

That is so amazing!, a dog & a tiger are friends so beautiful & perious animals. I always said to myself, if I was rich, I'll own me a Lion & Tiger Etc. I have me a zoo too in the wild.

irishguy13 says:

Tiber=cat toy/dog treat

Anzwar Shakur says:

great video – now show what happens in the back once they get too old or too aggressive…. they're sent overseas to poaching ranches for mock hunting scenarios for rich rookie shooters who want to kill a tiger or lion…. I hate you MFers the most… animals should not be on display anywhere ever except in the wild ….

Angela Fransen says:

awwww 👍😘

Andromeda Galaxy says:

Tiber is hilarious

nhs2008NC says:

Thats a cub and a Dog. Not a puppy and a Tiger!

Yung Brizzy says:

Lets be honest, they're likely friends. Just going by the shear number of puppy/big cat relationship videos out there.

Pretty unique says:

and this is to thecanadianwill

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