Cute babies and dogs playing together – Funny baby & dog compilation

Babies and dogs can be really good friends. Just look how they play together, isn’t it cute 😉 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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mrinmoy chakraborty says:

why do people even fight when they can watch these all day long? Dogs for love and peace💝

Rosa Rosa says:

quiero oir,music a,

Kwyjibo O_o says:

So many ugly babies.

Saira Ahmed says:

really weird babies not scared of dogs and like older people and adults are

RemixRockers says:

How did i get here?
I was watching Hot Ice experiments…

Sydni Bienvenu says:

Can you do a cucumbers vs cats video!?!

kern olangco says:

cute hahaha

Ron Cosby says:

g f hdhdheggdugjdjrhe lop

Marcos Torres says:

maena me re galas

vinodude1 says:

This would have been a lot better without the cheesy music. (Here Comes Peter Cottontail? Sheesh.)

Numbah1 PolyBoi says:

Awwwwwwww….so cute! <3

tolis vasco says:

Cute indeed BUT not so big dogs. The last section is extreme, the dog is many times the babys size. An innocent play smother could be dangerous

Eustoquia Velasco says:

me gustaron todos los videos

Eustoquia Velasco says:

si me agradaron los videos

Steven Halim says:

Subscribe me please

Perry Lynn Wright says:

so yeah there have been a few cases where dogs kill children, but you know who kills more children than dogs do? some humans. should we isolate our kids too??

happy face. says:

2:14… Boxer!

Jacqueline Haslam says:

This is tooooo cute for words. Anyone agree?

stoffni says:

2:14 that kid is def russian xD

Adogpost says:


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