Please like the facebook page and leave them a nice friendliest friend message! and if you can or know anyone looking for a doggy friend there are loads of super awesome dogs at the PAWS centre looking for a new home!

Dogs have a strong hold on our hearts as you might have guessed being that we have 6! We love being able to do what we can to help the welfare of the helpless homeless dogs that only want to have a home and be part of a family.

We visited PAWS a few years back for the project for awesome

Welcome to our lives! We are the SACCONEJOLYs and we live in Ireland, we upload videos of our life together everyday!

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Constance Lewis says:

that is the cutest cat ever

Roosa Ryynänen says:

This video made me cry 😭😭❤️

Sana Shahzad says:

Emilia is so cute

I hope you Dance says:

OMG Emily is so little it this

Alisha xxx says:

The only reason I got my dog from a breeder was because so many people brought him back and no one wanted him he's a little shih ztu and he's was about to go into a kennel

Arabella georgeson says:

Who's watching this in 2016

Arabella georgeson says:

I love animals

Emily McCann says:

did they live in Ireland

Michelle Frost says:

I'm sorry your dog mine died rip

Daniel Turkowski says:

Call me lidia. You gugs are great parents to your children

Bethany Whitnell says:

Evin. He

Bethany Whitnell says:

Evin hdbd you yygbnjjhnnjjuu

The fact utorrent

Gabi Joseph says:

It's so sad to see the places they stay

Katie Lush says:

i actually cried i feel so sorry for these dogs and some of them will not have homes for Christmas it breaks my heart it i could i would adopt them all xx

Ellie Kavanagh says:

I live in Germany but am Irish

Diamond pup says:

I wish every dog could have a nice home!!!!! I'm so lucky to have my own dog, who's very spoils!

Phoebe G says:

I wish people would stop buying dogs from breeders. There are milions of dogs all around the country who have been abandoned, mistreated and tortured and they now are in rescuer centres.just because things like this have happened to these dogs doesn't mean that they are going to be vicious or any other crap that people might think. In fact a lot of these dogs have just been given to the rescue centres because that owners can no longer look after them. If you think about it most of the dogs that people breed will end up in rescue centres just like the ones in this video. Now before you go out and make a rash decision about buying a puppy from a breeder think about the dogs in these rescue homes that stay here every day and go through so much and they could be a warm loving home with you. I have had two rescue dogs in my life. And both of them were the best things ever happened to me better than any puppy that I could have wished for. So just go take a look at the dogs in rescue centres

Olga Msp says:

Omg, Emilia is so cute <3

Amy Littlechild says:

I would but I am not aloud to

Sierra Carter says:

Did they adopt their dogs? Someone please answer!

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