Amazing Double Dog Tricks

A Border Collie, a Terrier and a Chihuahua demo the most amazing double dog tricks.

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Mattsizza noname says:

your dogs are so adorable. Absolutely amazing

Lucie Vychodilova says:

Very nice job :-)

SargentRay says:

Music is from Paul G. Walter called Geister, you have to get the whole album for the entire song Called Geister otherwise you will only get a zillion different renditions of a short 1 minute or so clip.
nice sound to the album on a decent sound system

Nancy Anderson says:

The dogs, the music, the dancing…completely enchanting!

KingCal2015 says:

…awesome! 👏👏👏

Radovan Stojanovic says:

01:01 beautifoul of music!!!

Valentin Milasan says:

Name of music, please?

Greg Blankenship says:

Wow,too cool,they love you,and they are so blessed to have you.

Clare Arthur says:

Oh my goodness! when your dogs hug it is so cute!

Healthy Gal says:

This is great! do they mainly eat treats to learn these tricks? Or you teach them new trick one in a while? I see you have a lot treats in your bag, how do you manage to not overfeed them?

Riley B says:

Fuckin' fantastic.

Betsy Boo says:

It was really awesome to meet you at ClickerExpo, Bets loved your LLW lab :D

Zenia Simone says:

I have a Blue Merle Border collie like Splash and she knows how to sit, stay, lie down, roll over and give paw and she's only 2 months!!! Kikopup, u really inspired me sooooo much…. keep on the good work

S ALI says:


TalentedK9Tonya says:

The dog and human leg/arm hoop jump by Tug, Splash, and you was one I hadn't seen before, and I thought it was a great idea!

Robert Berger says:

verry good

Spartan's Tricks says:

This is so awesome and cute. <3

Ελένη Πασχαλίδου says:

what's the name of this song?

Junaid Shah says:

how we teach this tricks to our pup or dog???

FoxMcWeezer says:

I would call this magic but I don't want to debase your practiced abilities.

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