Evil Hissing Growling Non Biting Dog

My dog will growl and hiss and make wierd sounds but he won’t bite me. He knows whats up.


Bjarni Bogason says:

i remember there being, a dog growling that is used, in all kind of memes, what is that from?

BonziBUDDY says:

This is probably an "I want to play" growl more than a "back off" growl

SenorGrassyAss says:

Put him down

hybeba sanders says:

Half demon half angel
Demon-scare da fuck out of you

TechMantra says:

Give me a German Shepard any day of the week. That one scares the shit out of me.

Justin says:

Lol damn he looks pissed my dog is pretty much the same way especially over her bone. She will growl and look pissed but doesn't really bite me if I take it just looks like she's going to

Jason james says:

Taking advantage of the animal's loyalty to you… that really isn't fair. If it did bite you'd deserve it.

Hana Ryu says:

Why growling then xD

Daniellian Gaming says:

Damn. You have balls! I never would've even got near him if my dog was like that!

5GradeFrank says:

I searched up "evil dog" and it brought me here. lol

bebe pagan says:

He looks scary af

Sarah Thomas says:

It was funny how when th3

Haley Norman says:

I was literally scared to death watching this, lol, talk about being brave

bernard & hatty Dionne says:

lol my dog growel

Chai Mason says:

i laughed out loud

Manuel Munoz says:

I would laugh until I hear (snap) and were my finger go? Lol

R.Gamester says:

your dog sounds a like The Predator.

Trinity Leuschel says:

holly shit i love this dog

Roger Davis says:

my dog did this

Sofia Ripol says:

When your all bark but bite

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