Dog Trick Training Tutorial: Weaving Though Legs

WIDESCREEN!!! This is a quick video tutorial on how to teach weaving through the legs using luring or shaping.

Einstein demos how fast a dog can pick this trick up. The footage is almost in real time.

This exercise is great for building a shy dogs confidence. However, take it slow, some dogs might go through your legs on the first try, others might take a week to initially feel relaxed going between your legs. I know a chihuahua in particular that was very nervous of going through her owners legs. Take it slow and dont get frustrated!

Make sure to fade out the treat very quickly. The rule is usually- use the treat the first 3 times and then pretend to have a treat, to having an obviously empty hand

Raise criteria constantly or you will get stuck with a dog that needs a treat after each leg pass

Have fun and enjoy!

Dont forget to post a video response of your dog weaving! Also dont be shy! Show of the awesome weave that your dog can already do!

Any questions on dog training behavior modification feel free to write me a message! I love answering questions!

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Ana Dobre says:

Hey all! Pretty good video, Thanks! There is this superb FREE ebook at "Brendt Mastery Dog Training Guru" (I cant remember the exact site so google it)? Hurry before the FREE pdf is taken down!

artofserenity . says:

Thank you Emily, your video was a great help! 😀

Eli w says:

i found my dog as a stray she knows 11 tricks with alot of hard work but evry trick i teach her after around 5 to 10 min she will get bored and scared do you know how to stop he from getting scared :/

iamrovihherrera says:

I cant lure my dog with food or toys or anything.I've tried everything.Please help

Abby Gia Agility says:

What if your dog is scared to go between your legs?

Bronte M says:

make your dog think the treat is in your hand by holding it in a fist, then give him the treat after from the other hand so he realises it wasn't in the hand all along but if he follows the hand he will still get a treat.

Joshua Xiong says:

I have to open my legs wide, if I don't then my dog thinks she can't go through it.

NothingButRewards says:

I love the jumping through your legs!

Serena Jones says:

my dog is starting to get it but when i try to lure him through with my fingers he just seems stumped (Very treat motivated) any suggestions?

Luke Clements says:

How long do i need to click/ treat for basic behaviours. Do i have to carry a clicker and treat bag forever?

SuperPorifera says:

We've been learning this with my 10 month old pup. Hadn't watched this vid before and was wondering how to fade out the hand lure. Love the leaning idea 🙂

Gopesh Kabra says:

Haha.! 😀 O:)

Whitters95 says:

My dog doesn't follow anything, not treats not toys, Nothing! do you know what else I could do?

Pandaraze says:

My dog learned this incredibly fast. I've trained "touch" with before, so she knew to follow my hand. This is a really great trick to teach your dog, it's easy and fun!

ARiE2599 says:

my 3 year old chi is terrified of going through my legs. I cant lure her. All she does is back up and stand on her hind legs. any help?

Amber S. says:

@threenorns3 Try varying the amount of treating you do. Don't just treat every time or not treat at all. Treat every time while your dog is learning, then, as he gets the trick, treat 75% of the time. Then 50% of the time. Then 25%, then fade to just a positive vocal reward. Be careful to avoid patterns too (ie treating every 3rd time, every other time), esp with smart breeds like border collies. And finally, don't be afraid to ask a trainer for help. 🙂

three norns says:

you're not kidding about fading treats out fast – i generally avoid treats altogether as my border collie mix goes on strike the moment he realizes there's no treat in the offing.

but great instructional – i was able to get him to do it first go.

now if i can only figure out how to get past the strike…. hmmm….

Skywalker96214 says:

its great!

Simgirlpro7 says:

I used to have a lhasa mix I taught to do this myself, he was a pro. But my new puppy can't do it! Help! she seems like she was abused when she was little and is so shy of doing threw my legs like I'm going to hit her or something. Shes a boston/rat mix. How can I get her to not be so shy? I've had her since she was 3 and a half months, now shes nine months. I work w/her a lot.

EmmaPups579 says:

@MrKh76 because the clicker tells them well done you have won a treat

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