Puppy attempts to reclaim bed from cat

Here we have another case of a cat stealing a dog’s bed. Pixel, a 10 week old French Bulldog, is trying to reclaim what is rightfully his. Watch as he tries his very best to take back his bed from the family cat. It must also be noted that this cat should receive some points for being so patient! Credit to ‘piotrbuchalik’.

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Lamya Al Alawi says:

that cat looks exactly like you cat but cat is thinner

Lezandro Aymer says:

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Fizzarina Banana says:

This is my mom

MMMMDulce says:

Ahahahhaha I'm screaming :D

gofukursef says:

"faster peasant", remarked the feline.

Rosalind snider says:

the cat was getting a free ride

Telly Vin-a says:

Proving that cats have no concept of personal property lol

Jana Eldred says:

Dog:must get sleeping place back from sleeping place steeler
Cat:I won't move u retard^_^

Beautiful Death says:

Cat: "Not the best ride but okay"

Mindy Mayor says:

The cat is like a feather can do so much better than that!

Lewis Robinson says:

Ahahaha that cats just like Bruh

Ron Elberg says:

wow. loved it.

cassandra5322 says:

This is a good example of inertia.

Fresh Appleseed says:

Ugh, cat people these days… at least dogs have enough dignity to fight for their rights.

Brianna says:

Give that cat a fish

Stephan Mahler says:

Cat's reaction – "Um,….excuse me…..but WHAT are you doing???? You do know I'm a cat and a higher form of life, right??? Now be a good dog and sniff somebody's butt"

Sree Charan Shatdarsanam says:

Thug Life

Matthew Cioffi says:

When I see this, I keep thinking of that scene in 12 Monkeys with Brad Pitt yelling, "Get out of my chair!"

LazuliKnight says:

The saddest part of all is the cat enjoyed the free ride.

Mark Wu says:

too cute!

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