Pets with unusual sounds – Funny cat & dog video

Imagine having a pet (dog, cat,…) that doesn’t ‘sound’ like it should. More like us, humans, or something. So strange and funny isn’t it 😛

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Ty'liyah Green says:

very funny

В гостях у Егора says:


Jungshi J says:

Very nice!

LilNarwhal 123 says:

I would have a pet like that

Rosaria Dea Bianchi says:

the most childish part of me wasn't entertained

Sky High Kyky Green says:

You guys do realize this is meant to be entertainment not amazement. Grow up

Gaspar Diaz says:

yeah he was so funny did you see that where the dog or cat whatever farted it was so hilarious

abby gralapp says:

that dog!!!

abby gralapp says:

shwee shwee

MIAE b says:

very random
especially when a cat burped

FNAFLOVER242 says:

Fake you edited the sounds to this not cool

Anita Kirchner-Wiedersich says:

not real

Top3s says:


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