Cat Fights Dog Lightsaber


Shawn Roan says:

Hahahaahahahaha…Go Kitty go! Hahahahaahahaha!

Brian Napier Sr. says:

Lol! Wow that was live!👍👍

Marco Montana says:

This video was better than the entire movie The Force Awakens!

mergirl2000 Dunne says:

the Sith Lord Morris the Cat

mergirl2000 Dunne says:

this is truly an epic battle.

Luis Granada says:

El que hizo esto es un puto Genio! me paro de Pie! que crack!!! jaja

HoHoTacoBaco says:

The cat is jedi, and he should have blue lightsaber

André Felipe says:

Wow so many people screaming animal cruelty.
… They were obviously playing.

MisterGibbycrumbles says:

This is great but that "replay" bit kills it dead :(

todayudye says:

good, goood, my young cat aprentice

anakinisdarth21 says:

This will forever remain my favorite video on the Internet.

Antonio Lopez says:

The black dog had a blue saber I think. And then the black dog avenged his friend.

James Evans says:

May the paws be with you

Hazlnutz YT says:

That cat has skill. He completely rekt that dog

Nasir Gamble says:


Alejandro Teruel says:

Cute :-)

golden freddy says:

cat go skillz

Jeremi Benquaz says:

0:37 the Force… :o

Turb0 Flat4 says:

A dark kit of the Sith.

Derek Grathoff (Smokey) says:

the force is strong with that one

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