Boomer the Dog-Leaping Cat (Slow Motion)

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Filmed with a GoPro Hero 4
Edited: Final Cut
Song name: Bring it (production music, not available on iTunes)

Boomer is a Bengal breed NOT for everyone as they require a lot of supervision & exercise, plus they are not lap cats and most don’t like to be held, it’s more like raising a dog, a very energetic dog that can climb. I know I may be describing other cats as well, but just letting you know about the Bengals.


goodial says:

you've got some really good editing skills! :)

Serbianrockqueen says:

Athletic cat. Many of us couldn't keep up with a cat like this.

Eulalie Grace says:

WOW! You have a great companion family!! Love watching them go <3
We have a cat – not a Bengal but has some sort of Oriental – who does the same thing. Jumps HIGH, and loves to launch off my back 🙂 Peep-frog!

MacManifest says:

Now that is Dope……

Liz Andino says:

Boomer is so beautiful!! 💙💙💙


The cat is very sweet animals cat he would show
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James Fisk says:

Evidence that kitties are poetry in motion, and natural gymnasts :-D

Tiger lily says:


Yemariam Girma says:

This should be an Olympic even

Bill lxv says:

Catkour and Freerunning!

Lord Weeble says:

That cat is so awesome! When my old Minou dies (hopefully never!) I'm seriously thinking of getting a bengal. I know they need more looking after than an average cat but I reckon it would be worth it.

Mike Gnesium says:

bengals are crazy

Michael Hollier says:

Good kitty cat…meeooww

Trust Issues says:

Gay and the music is gay

Hassan M says:

Damn u taught a cat to jump off ur dogs back but in SLOW MOTION!!

EarthToAccess says:

that cat is the cutest and i want it

Cheezay Ballz says:

Awesome these two 😀
But I don't know what that is, but 60fps videos hurt my eyes, I don't get used to them

Kari Medley says:

That cat looks like a snow leopard! So cool!

Raymond Cist says:

I……..m not your stepping stone

mr mo says:


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