Compilation | Doug the Pug’s Funniest Vines


era fina says:

I love the 1:51 get low Pug.

jao nogueira says:

Kkkkkkkk fougs

Vanessa Martinez says:

my son really like pugs

TardisGeekMC says:

Make more

TardisGeekMC says:

LOL love your channel

gray wolf says:

doug the pug kissing booth would be best thing since sliced bread or in dougs case….sliced pizza

Oliver Alejandro Gutierrez says:

como se llama la cansion del principio

Pug Hippo says:

0:15 is the best

TA H says:

So funny that i'm trying to show my family plus 20'th time watching right now!

DeathTrap77 says:

2nd one I laughed the hardest

Dj Craft says:

I Love You Pugs I Love You!!!! My Favorite

keeraisapanda says:

1:43 I would pay to give Doug a kiss

Hurtful 9 says:

like and suscribe is the only thing i go to say and i loveeeeee puggsssss

Varjim says:

I love the uptown funk bit

Littlebear Forever says:

Doug, you're so cute!😩😍 I wanna pick u up and hug you 🙈

Alice Chantelle says:

So cute😍😍😍

coco sucribete says:

como se llama la última cansion

Wendy ChAcon says:

i love doug the pug

FuRy Legend118 says:

0:14 soon funny XD

SweeterWindows52 says:

The new DERP tank sorry KV-2

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