Ridiculously Adorable Dog Videos of the Week 2016

A dachshund talking politics, a bulldog playing dress up, an excited puppy having fun in the snow – these cute canines are our top 5 dogs of the week!

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Original Links:
Dog Doesn’t Want to Play Fetch
Dog Hates Presidential Candidates
Dogsitter Has Fun with Bulldog
Fluffy Puppy Runs Through Snow
French Bulldogs on Longboard


keith scannell says:


Lake Richardson says:

Those Poor dogs

Kitty Kat says:

The 'double bouce' dogs belong to my english teacher😂 she shows me pictures and vidios all the time😂

M11kee says:

All dogs except "double bounce" in this video are ugly as fuck..

Chyori Jang says:

the last one are life goals

YukinoKary says:

…when they smile x'D jajaja Cute all! <3

Icewulf1111 says:

Good friend told me about the chanel
I'm totaly in :D

CoCo Cake says:

Dog politics.

Denise Sayer says:

Hi there Pet Collective thanks for these adorable dog videos !! So many little cute dogs that are so irresistable to watch !! I hope you have a great weekend Lol from Denise your No1fan in the uk.🐶🐕🐾🐾🐾🐾😊❤

Hristianna Mushkova says:


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