Top 10 Smart and Intelligent Dogs in the World

This 10 Dog Breeds are the most smartest in the world. They are most human friendly and have think ability like humans.

Caution ! : Learn to Train Your Dog =

This all 10 Dogs is go for option is you are willing to have a pet for your children, because they are cutest and most smart dogs our there.

I have sorted them by their intelligence in above video.

You can check out some Big and Strong dogs from the link below.

I just love dogs and this are my recommendation if you want a smart pet in your house.

Thanks for watching.


Rover Atwood says:

I don't thing so, there is a little known in USA dog called KARAKACHAN DOG.
Witch is the most intelligent dog.

herminia medina says:

I think all dogs are intelligent. hugs my dog whiskey

TheTraconia says:

on your list there is missing one important breed and that breed stands up to TOP 5: Husky!

Sandesh Upreti says:

I think German Shepherd kinda deserves first place,…..Cause my dog is freaky intelligent and understands everything that I tell him….

my sp says:

Well my german shep isnt tht smart… He ate my ipad (broke it then ate the glass) 

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