Dog and baby can’t agree what to pack

The best beagle videos:
I don’t know where they going but certainly they did not make it in time with that packing:DDD

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Schmidty the Kid says:

A little Monopoly music

Melody Williams says:

suggestion: baby + dog + frosting= good times! lol

BarneyFife00 says:

Thes two must be inseparable. They are great siblings.

Cynthia Scionti says:

So funny! Laura is getting so big!


what a wonderfull pair!!! Any video with cute Charlie and the fantastic baby-girl is funny and touching. Thank you.

America's Funniest Home Videos says:

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Katrina Blair says:

It's so great that her best friend is a beagle best buddy ever for anyone…… hugs to all

hobgoblin1216 says:

This is epic! LOL …. Charlie's antics never ceases to amaze me.

m1uffi says:

Sooo cute!!

ShynnCat says:

Very funny!

Patricia Goodwin says:

This is so cute & fun!

Gema Bautista says:

Me tienen enamorada esta parejita que hermosura.No mepierdo ni un sólo vídeo :)

Tigerdeer says:

Aww loved the sequence and the editing. Music very apt too 🙂
Hugs to Missy Laura O and C the dog :)

Carol Ayala says:

LOL Too funny!

Sky Shimmertail says:

Ya know, some airports are employing beagles to find the owners of things left on planes. The beagle finds something on the plane, tracks down the owner and returns the item. Imagine what the Airports could do if they had dogs helping everybody pack!

dimwitted nitwit says:

lol. Thanks for the laughs!

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