Dog vs. Ostrich Puppet: Cute Dog Maymo

Dog vs. Ostrich Puppet: Cute Dog Maymo
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Cute dog Maymo gets an unexpected visitor, in the form of an ostrich. Maymo fights off the intruder at first, only to have the ostrich come back and steal Maymo’s popcorn right out of the bowl. Maymo doesn’t take kindly to that, and disposes of his adversary accordingly.


Jassiel Alberto Castro Hernandez says:

ño si en el comentario

wolfyoume productions says:

maymo sure doesnt like ostritches! lol

bobby ray says:

poor poor Ostrich,   does not stand a chance

Gonzalo del Moral says:

Does Georges Bizet know you are using his music? He might want to push some lawsuits against you for copyright violations, you know, these frenchmen…

C Lucas says:

I don't know if its the music or what but this cracks me up

Gaurav Cheema says:

If you look closely, you can see that the ostrich isnt real

Vale Sanz says:

meeeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeeee encanta es muyermoso

Isabella Pasquarelli says:

it has the fnaf music

Magical Dogester says:

A killer's instinct, lol

A Guy says:

I wish Charlie, Louie and Maymo could meet. That would be AMAZING!!!!!

Nandini Puchu says:

I love you maymo and penny.. 💛💛💛

Joe Joe says:

This is obviously fake, the dog is clearly a robot. You can tell me the way it acts.

glowworm2 says:

The music for this is glorious, and this is hilarious!

Cheryl Bohnel says:

Loved it. Definitely a masterpiece. Thanks for posting. Love your lemon.

Game Over Productions says:

what is this music called!

dorothycarnahan says:

What a great game! Maymo, you are really brave and really super at defending your position on the couch. However, Ostrich did share the popcorn.
What a great video with an adorable dog!

Madalina Arsene says:

ce tare. ♣♣♣

‫יהלי ג'ורנו‬‎ says:


Brenda Coale says:

yay maymo!!!!!!!!!

Dixie Apostate says:

LOL… Love it!!!

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