Cute Shih Tzu dog Lacey’s first puppy video!

We thought that Lacey’s fans would enjoy the first video that we made of her! We were not even sure of her name yet. She is 12 weeks old. The quality was not that great back then, LoL!
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kayla Feltner says:

we got to she's cute

Cositas Lindas says:

esta chiquita

Megan Shialabba says:

Yes they are 💗vivienne still has her duck too we named her blue lol we name all her babies she knows them when we call them out now if we could only get her potty trained 😬😭she's 10 months old lol HELP

Megan Shialabba says:

Omg she's a doll baby that was my shih tzu's first toy too

katie_86 says:

Awww she was so tiny!! My shi tzu is a rescue dog she was abused by her previous owner 🙁 but now she has a good life and is very spoiled. Lacey is so cute and funny to watch :)

Alessandro Vendola says:

So cute, so lovely, so adorable ___

Shelby Snellen says:

You 2 named her good, and raised her right!!!!!!

Peekaboo Parrots says:

So cute look at her go! Her colour is so different now! 

My House says:

Was that the moment you decided on her name? she was a very cute puppy but in my opinion she is cuter today after she developed her bubbly personality :-)

SpiralBlue Andromeda says:

My best friend has a Shih Tzu too.. and he is the most lovable doggie I have ever seen!
Thanks for sharing all this magic my dear friend!

PrincesSinlove9 says:

It is Adorable!
thanks for sharing
Azul இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—☆k

IPSO Shih-Tzu says:

Ho !!!! elle est trop mignonne Lacey et si petite !!!!! Un grand "j'aime" de la part d'Ipso ! Nos shih tzu grandissent trop vite mais ils restent toujours ADORABLES ! Bises à vous et à Lacey.

stimpy1ful says:

O M G ' ' ' ' was that really ms. Lacey what a fluffy sweet bundle of Fur she was amazing i think shes more playful and silly now but she was a little doll here i loved her tiny short legs soooooooooo cute this is a treasure video to have Magnificent outstanding sweet video Fantastic viewing of a pint size pup loved it so much oh and if that was your hubby very handsome to , 1000000000000000000000000000000 thumbs up 1000000000000000000000000000000 stars truly lovely x o x o hugs blessings purrs the cats & me x o


O my god how cute xxx

Xiedubbel says:

Thanks for sharing Lacey's first puppy video, very cute (she still is).

2匹の猫通信 (Cats Life TV) says:

The splendid record of small Lacey and puppy.

Danai Moraiti (danai2014) says:

Sooooooo adorable!! Thumbs up! ….30

Spiderbuster71 says:

cute and funny =)

haider155 says:

that is so good video♠♠♠
thumbs up''''''''''''''

Anke Heldmann says:

omg-so cute, puppy days-so lovely, thanks my dear and big like

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