Funny Animals Playing Dead Compilation 2013

Funny animals playing dead. Cats, dogs and hamsters learned this funny trick!

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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Austin Vibbert says:

I wish I could have a dog like that

Marisol Fernandez says:

que lindos esos perritos

Marisol Fernandez says:

que guapo lindo presioso

Sophie's Creativenessness says:


Bibiana Rodriguez says:

That is funny

Glowifict Dragon gaming says:


Michael Benedikt says:

I I have a cat and when ever I say Bang and make my hand in a Shape of a gun my cat just plays dead.

Akise says:

2:52 was so cute ♥️

Abc Xyz says:

The lady saying Baaang at 2:02 cracked me up

Pufa GamingHD says:

they are soo cute

Karolina Kim says:

I want try that to my dog

Anime Spork says:

Fucking hell the guy at 2:30 was viscous

Twilight Twinkle says:

Hamsters are so good playing dead

keri lovell says:

i just tried my cat sat behind the end of the table BANG she fell off of the table

Karmen Finley says:

plot twist: all the animals died from being scared by the loud BANG

Aliye Kaya says:


Aliye Kaya says:


3FunGirls says:

the one at 1:38 killed me

Luis vs Alex says:

i like the pug its cute

ashley eccleston says:

If I done that mine would just stand there looking at me 😒

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