Cats and Dogs Just Don’t Want to Bath 2014 [NEW HD]

Dogs and Cats Hate Bath


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Ustole myMusterd says:

all there faces said "kill me please"

Lordhighharry says:

5:07 The feels.

WilThegamer MC says:

My takes A shower and she comes

berseker Guts says:

0:24 garfield to much lasagne

Thondup Andrugtsang says:

The cat at 1:15 looks like Yoda from Star Wars.

Alex Alexandru says:

4:51 Use a specially shampoo , you will kill your animals

tania Lee says:

You're not supposed to bathe cats… they clean themselves just try to brush them often and they should be fine

Kathrine Spanlopis says:

lol no number 2

Александра Савченко says:

классно я у дивыилась

Alicia Thomas says:

so cute😍

Julian Walsh - Erlinghauser says:

6;49 that dog is shivering retard

Julian Walsh - Erlinghauser says:

5:30 that cat is clearly enjoying it

Саша сергеева says:

утопит вас надо твари а кошек и собак отдать другим хозяевам

Denise Prokisch says:

The only one I bathing my cats was because of fleas!

Denise Prokisch says:

Cats do not need a bath 😡
the only reason are health problems, that causes a bath! But cats can't hold the body temperature after a bath, they fast get cold and freezing after being wet!!!

Awsomewolf 123 says:

This reminded me to give my dogs a bath.

Leylah Hodge says:

when dogs get old they really need a bath

dreamer 762 says:

This is an inhumane video

Tina Tsanis says:

OMG!!!At the last clip the puppy is FREEZING and all they do is laugh at it

Mckenzie Bufton says:

Quit it you STUPID son of A guns idiots, sphyco

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