GUARANTEED TO WORK. How to get your dog to howl. Cool dog trick.

Very Cool and Easy Dog Trick. Nearly Fool Proof.

Make sure the audio in the video is turned all the way up.

Play the siren video on your cell phone or speaker near your dog and watch the fun unfold. It takes a few seconds for your dog to sing along but it is very funny.



Adolf Hitler says:

sound like me taking a huge dump

Chris Landeros says:

what it dint work!

Glitchy Mouse says:

but i have to play on high notes (duh)

Glitchy Mouse says:

i play da harmonic to get my puppy to howl

slowmotionfeel says:

hahaha my pit just rolled his eyes

CaptainMcDucky says:

my dog hates me now

Hannah Rea says:

Didn't work on my golden retriever how will I get her to howl or atleast bark

Hannah Rea says:

Ewwww lol

Jo says:

it didn't work


He is looking at it like BOI WHAT ARE THOSE!!!!!!

Mr XDX says:

lol my dog ran away

alina naqvi says:

My dog ran away from it

pokemon master says:

my puppy just lick herself

Raul Aldrete says:


Erin T says:

I think this dog is broken. He doesn't howl 😔

ChloeMS TV says:

your dog is so cute

ChloeMS TV says:

your dog is so cute

Teamlily Gamer says:

My dausand just runs away and my teacup yorkie is scared to death and I have to hold him while he tries to run away

Melissa Benoit says:

Worked but he doesn't howl much.

Ella football says:

My dog was liking my face

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