Saving Cadence – an abused Pit Bull shows us the power of second chances. Please share.

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For my friends in Germany, please watch the video here:
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Please share this video so we can find Cadence an amazing forever home.

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Siri Lindegaard says:

I got an rescue add before watching this video 🙂 :/

Jared Gipson says:

that's sad😢😢

Joel Gichane says:

Who else almost came to tears

Justin Pearson says:

we give thumbs up, because candence has a good life now. weirdo

Patrick Tindbæk Vistisen says:

How can any des-like something like this. its so sad how some animals is leving
i like ur job guy, good work :D

Dead Ryu says:

glad they saved the dog you could see it in its eyes it accepted death  raised its head like just do it

Rachel Teichroeb says:

What a beautiful and gentle dog! <3

Broken Doll says:

I love this video.  She's a very nice dog.

xGnaks says:

something got in my eye!

stespin says:

What kills me is her behavior when they found her. Not sad or scared, just surrendered, like "yeah whatever, do what you want to me, noone cares".
Such a nice ending though, keep it up guys, what you do is absolutely incredible.

an ugly commenter says:

how do i donate

phoebe conley says:

i cant stop crying if people dont want there dogs dont hurt them help them take them to a shelter

Elaini says:

She's very forgiving…

HeyImRoo says:

I dont know why but it always seems to be pit bulls who are getting abused or hurt. I own a pit bull and he is the sweetest dog i have ever owned

MustardSeedish says:

Who is cutting onions in here? Stop it!

Jisker Violinnn says:

animals are so great, kind and most of all, forgiving. Some have been brutally abused by humans, left to die, been hurt so much by humans, but still, when other humans come, they trust them quite quickly even so. They are amazing. if anything like that would happen to me, I would never trust a human again. Animals are so strong and wonderful creatures.♥

Jennica Nielson says:

You guys inspire me so much! I hope to join your team some day or have the chance to do something similar to what you do.

Naina Mishra says:

You guys are doing the best thing in this world by saving lives of these innocent souls from evil people. How can someone think of beating such angel looking creatures. God Bless You. Hope For Paws is the best thing I have ever seen in years

Yasmin Tenorio says:

So cute!!!!!

Ariel .Enriquez says:

You people are genuine heroes! God bless you.

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