Hope For Paws: A severely matted poodle gets rescued and then makes a transformation of a lifetime!


Please donate $5 to Hope For Paws to help save dogs like Dolly from homelessness and neglect.

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PLEASE SHARE: Dolly’s rescue story: Hope for Paws received a call about homeless dog on the streets. Sylva Kelegian and I arrived to find an extremely matted poodle. Her transformation from being so fearful to so loving is great to watch.

With over 30,000 stray, abused, abandoned and homeless dogs in Los Angeles alone, we always encourage adoption as a first choice for a pet.

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Milla Seacamp says:

When I'm older how can I apply for hope for paws?

Ms Visio says:

You guys are doing an amazing job! I too seriously think that you should monetize your videos. You will get extra money on top of donations to help out the poor animals on the street.

Flower Kim says:

so cute..

8badangel8 says:

I really love you guys. You are incredible! <3

Megan Landry says:

awe xoxo

Faye Brennan says:

I live what you do ams I would love ur job

Cláudia Silva says:

I cant see these videos without crying

Ella Champ says:

awww look how happy she is with her forever home!

Giraffe Crafts says:

Eldad, you rock! Thank you for saving all these amazing dogs :)

Lovely Girl says:

I wanna adopt puppy from the selter but my mom already buy online 😢😢😢 i hate my mom! she never listend to me…

Colette Gabrielle says:

Her smile at 3:14… I melted <3

Patricia Gannon says:

She is absolutely adorable . So glad she found her forever home!

Danielle Hayes says:

You all do such great work I cry and my heart is sad at the neglect of these beautiful dogs they don't deserve such treatment who in their right mind does this kind of thing.we've had our baby girl for over sixteen years and we treasure every moment she is here with us thank you for caring stay gold

Keri Hon says:

why would anyone abandon such a sweet dog.
heartless son of bitches. I hope they rot in hell.

Shadowwolf_Katy says:

Every thing has it chance when given the opportunity…

Cathy Springer says:

She is so sweet, I want her!

Niki Niki says:

The transformation made me cry! It was amazing. What you are doing is great. <3 :)

Mariela Lezcano says:

Sta spctacular, cuidar als animals s amr.

David K says:

This is the kind of job I would enjoy doing.. What's better than going home at the end of the day knowing you help a "living being' to a better life.. If you are hiring at the 562 area please let me know… Dogs are my best friend.

Carlos Valentin says:

Thank you for doing what you guys do. I am moved xox

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