Dogs 101 Australian Shepherd

Say Hello to the Australian Shepherd, these dogs are smart dogs. In this video you will see want australain shepherd are able to do. And you will also know more about them, their grooming, their health, if they are easy to train, and if they are a good family dog. This video I did not make. You can see more of these videos at this link,


Zachary Starblade Does Wizard101 says:

3:00 if they don't have cattle or sheep to herd; CORRECTION: THEY WILL her your children; that is at least what happened with mine

CrazyClara101 says:

My friend has a Aussie, years ago I had a elderly schnoodle and the Aussie was about 5 months old, and he kept trying to herd her because he thought she was a sheep. He's a goob lol

LaDema Fowler says:

had one from 8 wks to 16yrs old. was the smartest, most loyal, low maintenace, never did a thing wrong friend I could of asked for for my boyfriend (at the time) they did everything together the entire 16 yrs. never chewed up anything did everything that was asked of him. if your looking for a good companion in a dog, get an austrailian shepherd.

DingDongDanger says:

I think it's important to note that this video is not 100% accurate on the bobbing, SOME are naturally born with bobbed tails… Not all of them though, some are born with mid bobs and other's with full tails. I imagine it depends on the family gene pool and past possible mixes. But both of our aussies had their tails manually bobbed when they were 6 weeks old, one was a papered pure bred. I've known someone who had a tailed Aussie too. Don't believe me? Look it up.

Our girl we have now ( 14 years old as of December 18) would herd our cats into a corner haha!

Rocko Williams says:

Only watched this because of GOLD GLOVE lol

Parmi la Meute says:

They are my favourite!

Three Dogs says:

My rescue Australian Shepherd mix is a low-energy dog, but he loves to herd everything.

ledari says:

what to choose?
australian shepred?
nova scott treriever?
border collie?

WarriorCatsFanArt says:

I've had three aussies so far, I currently have 2, Charlie (2 years old) and Sydney (9 years old) cx

Cameron Hunter says:

ha lol poms

Ava Perkins says:

I might get a mini Aussie in april

5SOSFAM Lane: Michael Cliiford says:

It's not "Ausee", it's "Ozzy"

Eli Kilborn says:

I have a Blue Merle Ausi. He has one brown eye and a teal colored one. We don't have cattle or sheep, but we do live on a ten acre property so he has lots of room to run around. Also he is a spaz

Eric Jarrett says:

How can Border Collies have tails while herding but Australian Shepherd cant

Sierra Gill says:

My Australian Shepherd Flo is not a purebred her mom was a purebred and her dad was half Blue Heeler and half Australian Shepherd so she is 75% Australian Shepherd she is seven years old and my family got her when she three months old and I'm 15 now but when me and my sister were little she would always nip at our heels but she is a very intelligent dog and love her so much

Louise Gariepy says:

Hi all, I own an older half Belgian Shepherd half Collie dog. I thought – when I will have to let him go – that I would replace him with a Aussi.
But from what I just heard, somethings discouraged me: they really need more exercise then I can offer, (I am 70 years old widow), although I have a very very large fenced garden.
But most of all, I am afraid of the possible early cataracts.
My dog has a developed cataracts relatively late (over 10 y.o), but it has worsened and it is a pity, and he has turned me in a blind dog human: he is terrified to go down the stairs. Apart from that, he still goes in the garden many times a day and seems to enjoy this. He has always been quiet in the house, not exceptionally intelligent, but knew so many things from instinct (never mixed his own dolls or balls with which he played very aggressively, but never touched my grand children's doll or ball. He never wanted to go in the basement, but he was the first down if I went to the basement with a man

I have always only liked shepherds.
I have owned a Bernese Mountain Dog that was very quiet and did not need so much exercice, I have owned a mixed bread shepherd (no idea what mix: the dog adopted me when I entered he previous owners horse farm, an never leaved me or wanted to return to them, even if the lived very close and we saw them often).
He was excellent with the horses, but was also quiet and even if he had energy, he did not NEED to move all the time.
He too had cataracts at the end of his life, but also dementia, at the point that we had to put him asleep, it was too much a pity to see him.

Could anyone recommend a more suitable breed of shepherd dog then an Aussie?

Skylar Billings says:

People say Borders are Smarter but I've had a ton of Aussies and they have to be the smartest dogs ever

Shannon Baum says:

FOLLOW my cute miniature australian shepherd on INSTAGRAM: miniaussie_mila

frankiet39 says:

I have a Aussie Shepard & Husky mixed puppy, he is 7months. He's one of a kind haha

Dale Voyles says:

Aussies are great dogs and very intelligent. Bobbed tails are part of the breed, whether you like it or not. They're great with kids. Loyal and will want to be by your side, where ever you go.
Lost my first after 12 years and about ready for another and would not consider any other breed.

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