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mermaid meaw says:

that "click here to watch new video" is so annoying.

Vegitto _Playz says:

2 25 not a pug

Great God 17 says:

Pug are so 😊😊

Vibhank Playlist says:

Vibhank pugs best

Abraham Aguirre says:

me three

Dwight Cox says:

I. have. two.

Dwight Cox says:

pugs r. the best dog. for house pets

baileyGamingPug says:


Yolanda Hernandez Leon says:

no mepongan cisas feas ok

Yolanda Hernandez Leon says:

que chistoso jijijij :3 :3 XD xD

康萌萌 says:


Mike Gaudin says:

Meet Dantdm and you will BE a pug xD

Estefany Martinez says:


REDGAMER 888 says:

i love pugs💗

Pink Pony says:

Yo tengo uno

Jamie McGill says:

Pugs are so cute


ok want a pug

Nandini Gunalan says:

i have a pug named aathy ….

mariela escovar says:


Ayano Blog says:

Es mi fondo de pantalla wii😌

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