Ultimate Dog Trick – Cross eyes on command

My 11 month old labrador puppy, Olive, crosses her eyes on command. She can also speak, roll over, shake, and kiss. Merry Christmas! Most amazing dog trick ever!



Kyle Aaron says:

Ok… Admit it… We all tried to pause it at the very moment she crossed her eyes LMAO!!!

Liying ong says:

OMG this is soooo cute hahaa :DD

Nicole Hernandez says:

I think dogs can learn almost everything… but this video seems to be fake! You can notice they freeze one frame while they perform the "effect", plus, the eyes movement is too fast.

Jon Norwood says:

only insanely stupid ppl feel smarter by assuming things are fake when they really don't know

Porco Porco says:

Is this real or fake?
It is sufficient Whichever. 
Because it is interesting.

animefigureskater18 says:

Someone explain to me how this is fake…

eberspitsalott says:

You idiots never seen a dogs eye apparently… you can teach a dog anything just takes time and patience. Idiot.

kkfuriosa says:

Pretty good adobe after effects i must say.

StonedAlone13 says:

Actually, this is fake Phil. You can tell by the unnatural movement of the eyes, the cartoonish texture during the movement, and if you freeze frame it, you can see that the outer edges of the dog's eyes are actually just void empty space. It's a pretty well done animation, but this one is fairly obvious to a trained eye. (no pun intended)

benlondon109 says:

That's werd

Majatek says:

If the eyelids moved due to the fact that an eyeball is not a perfect sphere, then it'd show it was real. But it didn't, so it's fake. A rather well done fake, but still a fake. If it were real, it would cause the eyelid distortions that are entirely lacking in this video. That and the poster of this video uploaded one other video of another dog of a different breed doing pretty much the same thing, with the same style of movement, right down to the uncanny-valley mechanical eye-shift.

TheJonOsterman says:

Come on people.. Do you know Video Copilot? Look at "3D eyeball tutorial" ..

alex gottsegen says:

She's the most beautiful lab I've ever seen.

alex gottsegen says:

I absolutely love this video. Made my day! 🙂

john bode says:

its a bitch…

NZLRider says:

That's what I just said no.1, and whats this obsession about knifes in anus'? old repressed memories perhaps. I;m sure if you spoke to Yoda about it you could get help.

xmagneticx says:

how about you use a jedi mind trick to stick a knife into your anus

NZLRider says:

maybe you could use your jedi mind tricks to make me Number 1

xmagneticx says:

GO stick that knife deep into your anus faggot

NZLRider says:

You're only proving my point no.1. I'll let you go back to playing star wars now. Don't go being too bad ass now

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