Dogs Never Lie About Love – Smartest Dogs Compilation – Man’s Best Friend

Dogs Never Lie About Love – Smartest Dogs Compilation – Man’s Best Friend

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Tony Bruhhh says:

Animals – Help other animals/people when they get hurt.
Humans – Ignore and pass by the injured animals/people

crash override says:

when the owner made himself drowning and how that dog went to save him was the best clip!! it made me cry😢😢😢

MilO says:

1:51 This is how you do it, you little human.

atnfn says:

While I've only had cats, I must admit dogs are special from what I can see. l can't think of any cats I've had that truly cared about me. Cats are pretty low maintenance though, and they are usually quiet.

Yandere Chan says:

I cried one all most all of them

Kelly Leyva says:

What did humans do to deserve dogs

TruAgape1234 says:

Awwwww, omg. How cite and adorable. Love is such a beautiful thing.

•w i l c z e k says:

what's the name that song ?

Robert Price says:

Some lovely moments here. Dogs a  really intelligent too.

Norie Sekine says:

This video made me cry , i love dogs !

Ben Bershinsky says:

I started crying when the dog put its paw on the Down syndrome kids shoulder😭😭😭😭😭😭

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