Funny Animal Videos – Crazy Dogs Fails Compilation 2015 – Animals TV

Animal Videos – A video about fail situations of dogs, These are so funny and crazy situations of dogs, you will non stop laughing when watching.
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Draken sänger says:

my ears are bleeding so bad quality

Draken sänger says:

dont put these ugly sounds in the vid

rose mcclellan says:

is it a ras?

Abriella Turrubiartez says:

wow so cute

Abriella Turrubiartez says:

wow so cute

Christina Bennett says:

at 1:23. is some Paul blart mall cop

Lilly neko says:

what's the name of the little black dog trying to get the tennis ball at the beginning like what type of breed is it ?

Julia Hołub says:

13:4 czy ktoś wie jaka to rasa

daniel lubon says:

OH' WoW zo grappig en cool hoe kom jij aan die video's ?🙂😂😘

G Bogati says:

this is sad care about dogs

Diamond&Titans Show says:


Diamond&Titans Show says:

🖕🏻 u guys

Zuzana Kolozsyová says:

This is animal cruelty

the puppet rafa doge the bog says:

poor dogs I fell sorry

Juniper Casady says:

I feel really bad for the ones that fall when they're comfy in the ones that fall into the pool its sad and just when they do a backflip are even in the sand I feel so bad these bad people some of them were funny but most of these were just terrible

Camilya Sheldon says:

man they are getting hurt I am glad am not a dog

Rolanda Swan says:

I feel bad for them

Sarah Tuck says:

awww how cute

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