Funny Dogs Compilation – Funny videos 2014

Funny Dogs Scared of Farts Compilation
Funny Dogs Compilation – Funny videos 2014 – Best dog Vines
Awesome Funny Animals,humour animals – Puppies

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Aysun Cingoz says:


lol007 Blaze says:

en el minuto 2:6 el se pone como to fuerte parado XXD

Valeria Preciado Ruiz says:

miren el de 2:27

Viridiana Martinez says:

yollore entre ecenas pero jaja me rei

ACETE Escuela says:

me rei 1 ves pero cierto pobre citos D: me dieron pena

carson panighetti says:

really funny😄

Alexandra life says:

So funny lol

Alexandra life says:


Gaby Ramallo says:

los perro con pelo chiquitito son mas feos

FunkyMonger says:

jaijaijaijiajia superfan!

Valentino Crescitelli says:

bueno un poco si

Valentino Crescitelli says:

jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no
me rei

Ana Fio says:

grasio me encanto XD

Angelica Belen Reyes Seguel says:

1:18 minuto es hermoso el perro me encanta

elizabet fernandez says:

t tyrttr

Debany Dayana Contreras Vazques (La Genius) says:

XD pobre citos jajajajajaja

laura duque says:


Hfhdg Bxnxh _* just my and my self* says:

Funny Dogs Compilation

titotis says:

que. chistoso jajajaja

Polarzinha _ (Games.) says:

tengo videos de la pum

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