‘How to’ train the dog trick – Say Your Prayers

I thought that I would do a fun tutorial on a trick since I have been doing so many STAY videos. If your dog is clicker savvy and has learned many tricks already, this one will be easy for you. I have found that it is easier for me to teach it using my arm or an agility jump. Both my dogs can do this trick at benches along some of our walks, but I have found that the benches are too short and cause my dogs to slouch. So, I have had a difficult time finding something that I can use other than my arm. My bed is too tall and the wire crate seems to be uncomfortable. I guess I am too picky. 🙂
I hope that you all have fun teaching this trick and please post a video response once you have taught it. I would love to see your pup in action!

BTW, you can use a chair, couch, coffee table or something else for the dog to put their paws up on. I like to use my arms because I do not seem to have the proper furniture. 🙂
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Have a wonderful evening!

Pam, Isabelle & Bandit


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