Funny Husky Dogs Love Babies Compilation 2015 || AHF

We’ve come to the conclusion that dog is not just man’s best friend, but also baby’s. We’ve watched countless videos of toddlers and their pups playing together peacefully, always leaving us with smiles on our faces. According to the ASPCA, the first meeting between a dog and a new baby is very important, and helps develop the relationship down the line. It’s important that the first meeting is very calm and relaxed, and that the dog understands the situation. It’s recommended to have treats on hand and to reward the dog for good behavior.

Do your children and pets get along well? Share your stories with us and don’t forget to pass the video along to your friends and family via Facebook?

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Husky Dogs Love Babies Compilation 2015 || AHF
Husky Dogs Love Babies Compilation 2015 || AHF
Husky Dogs Love Babies Compilation 2015 || AHF

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