Top 10 funny dog barking videos compilation

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Ruby Katz says:

wow, so funny

Draco Anonymous says:

1:40 that has to be a voice over XD

Juville Beats ™ says:

1:00 "ueueueueuueeeeeuuuuuueeeeeuuuuuuuuuuu"

tamistar13 says:

i love the smal black pug!!! i never heard anything like that before!1 his bark is crazy different!! what is that!!!

o0thefluff0o AJ says:


Contest Princess Destiny says:

One dog sounded like it was saying "Blah blah blah blah ba blah!"

Tyler Vincent says:

go to 1:35 for the funniest part

Miranda Terry says:

I Saw A Japanese Spider Crab Before In The Cincinnati Aquarium!! It Was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I Saw Sharks, Jellyfish, Crabs, Fish, Lizards, Crocodiles, Snakes, Turtles That Kept Trying To Brake Through The Glass And Kiss Me And My Mom That Made Me Kiss The Turtle Through The Glass, And Vampire Squids, Dolphins, More Turtles! IT WAS HECTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fishy Facts says:

The last one XD

Llife AJ says:

The second dog bark after the pompom XD 

Ian Brockman says:

dude i laughed so hard at 1:25 seriously the hardest i've laughed in like a year hahah

Cara Fuzz says:

or the pomeranians XD

Cara Fuzz says:

The pug XDDDD

Chelsea ???? says:

The one dog sounds like courage the tv show thats on cartoon network 

FatRakoon says:

Im torn between the retarded fucker on the bed giving it large, and the window licking mental case who wants in!
Both are great clips of some fucked up doggie action right there!

Simstoneplayer says:

That's just weird 

Robert Bish says:

I think the dog at 0:20 is broken.

Alex Bell says:

The dog at 1:25 is by far the most hilarious.

Nashad88 says:

whats the breed of the first dog? the little fuzzy brown dog

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