Amazingly Smart Pit Bull performs Fancy Tricks

Veronica-Lynn Pit Bull the amazingly smart pit bull performs her fancy tricks (that would be her intermediate level tricks). Tricks include fetching a tissue, saying Grace, performing a cupboard retrieve (i.e. helping in the kitchen), taking a time out in her crate and putting her toys away in her toybox.
Veronica has been trained with completely force free positive training – verbal markers, the clicker, bridge and target and plenty of treats. She typically carries her tail on the downside. It is generally always down when she is focusing and concentrating. When her tail is up and wagging…it can be a good thing, or it can be a not so good thing – it depends as much on the context in which the behavior occurs as it does on the actual behavior : )

Here are some even fancier tricks!


Sue Ellen says:

very cute

Josh O says:

when she says the grace that pitbull is focusing when will i get to my play.

bumpergirl says:

She is so smart

Erika Payamps says:

Now i want a pitbull

hot2pot11221 says:

I love your video join group on Facebook ..stop discrimination against pit bulls

mythoughtwhatyousay1 says:

Wow, very impress. One of my favorite is pray, I love it, awesome.. I tried to train my dog, fail ☹.. Smart dog and so cute dog..

Nia Turcios says:

That is so cool and cute

Kya Palmer says:

That is the smartest pit bull I've ever heard of

Christina Scott says:

well you train my bf?

Elizabeth Czepiel says:

No wagging tail – she's not enjoying herself!

That0Homeless0Guy says:

My dog isn't quite as well trained as that but when I give him a command that he does obey I don't have to keep giving him the same command over and over I just say "again" or "another one" and he repeats the last command. And if I say "ok one more time" he will repeat the command and then stop until I give him a fresh command even if I say "again" after that.

He understands me though and will sometimes take commands I've never given him before and just do them. This and countless animals I've met before has me convinced that dogs understand human speech very well and it's no trick that they respond to being told certain things. Like the time I told him that my daughter wouldn't be coming over after all he just stopped, looked pained and then went and sulked for several hours. Not even the offer of a walk got him out of bed. He was genuinely upset at the news.

Chrishaun Brown says:

nice smart and pretty Pitt

sunny love says:

I like that

ernieball20 says:

OMG… what a good dog!!

Jessica Trosper says:

Why do people keep saying "It's a dog not a human." so annoying I think it is AMAZING that your dog can do this…

vince appice says:

wow, very impressive she is one smart cookie :-)

Be HuurHuunPuppy says:

U have good and smart dog, but ur dog looks unhappy;(

Kate Altum says:


Rhonda Catalfomo says:

I initially felt she didn't enjoy what she was doing. However, it's clear she is with loving, good people and I think it's her personality.

ArisVancouver says:

Smarter than most of the people out there !!!

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