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In this funny animal video, a dog drinks from the bathroom sink. Everytime his owner turns off the faucet, he uses his paw to turn it back on. Can your dog do that? Watch More [More]
It took us forever to figure out why we kept coming home to big puddles in front of the fridge! He started doing this at about 6 months old, and no we did not train [More]
Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact – licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom A few videos showing Czr and his ability to answer questions yes/no Funny Dog | Cute Dog | Talking Dog | [More] – Two Monkeys Carrying a Box of Bananas – Dog Costume Vine by Crusoe Celebrity Dachshund. This dog box costume was created by Crusoe’s Mum and Dad. It’s two monkeys carrying a box [More]
Dog Training & Puppy Training here: Original vine links: And now he barks #husky #puppy – Baby Chuck – Cute puppy playing In the snow with Danielle Maclean 💕🐶 – #puppies [More]
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Take a look this impressive animals playing dead. Which one you’d nominate for an animal Oscar? ✔ Like Us on FACEBOOK ✔ Follow Us on TWITTER No copyright infringement intended. All rights attributed [More]
New cat video here! For licensing/usage please contact: licensing(at) Thanks so much to everyone!!! I have my own music project – Check it out here!! - Meet Dubstep Cat! He was a stray that [More]
Us humans love fireworks, but our doggies hate them! So give them some relaxation on July 4th with this relaxing pet music especially for use during firework displays. Relax My Dog are experts in creating [More]
Help your dog get to sleep and stay asleep with five hours worth of calming dog music from Relax My Dog! Relax My Dog are experts in creating relaxing music to help calm your dog [More]
The Siberian Husky is not as not to offend the child, so they do not get up with a dog. If the children in the family Huskies are very fond of children. Modern dog breeding [More]
I couldn’t find this anywhere else on YouTube alone, so I decided to upload it myself. Here’s the song: Here’s where I got it from: I used bandicam to get it on there [More]
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Like mobile games? Tiger FunnyWorks highly recommends On The Leash, FREE DOWNLOAD NOW: Android (Google Play): iOS (App Store): Official game trailer: Some dogs really want and can’t wait to go for [More]
This puppy doesn’t like baths; he prefers showers! He puts his head under the sink and ensures he gets every part of his head wet! So Cute ~ Dog Bath Vine ~ adorable! Pitbull Dog [More]
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