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Apologies, sewing/ repaint inspiration has been very low… but you deserve videos! Introducing the Nasti Dog Vine! Starring the silly chinese crested mix Nasti and her cat friends. Also starring her Arch Nemesis, the giant [More]
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It’s really amazing what some dogs can do. This is a compilation about some dogs that can perform amazing tricks. Very funny and .. Pet Insurance specialist Healthy pets funny commercial showing a dog using [More]
This little guy knows how to enjoy the Pug Life. This video cracks me up every time emoticon It will make you laugh hard Cute Bulldog Puppy Dreaming Is your heart melting yet These American [More]
If I had to pick one dog trick to teach my dog and nothing else, I’m pretty sure I know what I’d pick. Did you enjoy this vine? Pfft, of course you did! Lucky for [More]
Via of – Crusoe the Celebrity (Miniature) Dachshund performs little drummer boy to get in the Christmas theme! ——– Crusoe Celebrity Dachshund on Vine, Little Drummer Boy Dog, Mini Dachshund Christmas Video
Dachshund Fire Drill Vine Video – via: – caution this truck makes wide turns!! Created by Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund of
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Charlie takes a swim here every day, today there was ice. Never seen that before! Poor boy!
This is an amazingly smart dog – very funny!! Give the gift of happiness – to yourself:
New puppies are the most likely to get separation anxiety, whether it’s when you first bring them home and they’re pining for their dog mom, or whether they’re scared whenever you leave. We hope this [More]
Here’s a brilliant five hours of calming dog music to help to relax your dog and send him off into a peaceful sleep. Let us know what you think! Relax My Dog are experts in [More]
Is your dog hyper? We love seeing our dogs being playful, but sometimes you need them to calm down! Use our music to chill them out so you can have a break from throwing those [More]
1 HOUR OF RELAXING DOG MUSIC! Compilation of Dog Songs, Calming Sounds, Reduce Separation Anxiety Relax My Dog are experts in creating relaxing music to help calm your dog and help dogs to sleep. If [More]
Is your pet hyper, stressed or anxious? You can watch them relax before your eyes with our six hour compilation of relaxing pet music! Relax My Dog are experts in creating relaxing music to help [More]
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This is our adorable and talented siberian husky, Mishka 🙂 This dog can talk like no other! You never know what she may say next! Watch more Mishka The Talking Husky and Laika The Husky [More]
A collection of AFVs dog park 🙂 Like more? Go to Due of different reasons there are more clips.
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Dogs and Babies are best friends, they can play together and big dogs are good nannies for our babies. Cute babies love playing with big dogs too. Most baby friendly dogs are labrador and boxer. [More]

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