Ultimate Bulldog Video Compilation 2013

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Tahir Dickson says:

all those little baby dogs are pugs

abigail “athletics4life” williams says:


Nicolas Caradec says:

Thanks for like my page https://www.facebook.com/ZOLA-le-bulldog-820888134675540/

Jesus Alvizo says:

que bonitos los perros bulldog yo quiero uno, son los más bonitos que existen

Hoang Ngoc Nhat Anh says:


pascal morra says:

VAL the french bulldog spotted :)

Paul Schraff says:

please help our bulldog. she cannot walk without surgery and we are looking for anyone to help us…. please

Elliott Percival says:

there so cute

Telley Vestal says:

Great Family Dogs

sandi brill says:

I LOVE the look on the pup when the Dog Whisperer was on :)

Michael Campbell says:

In one of the bs round for on the videos was playing rio

Anniston Hall says:

My English bulldog barked and barked at me watching the video

Thay Alexia says:

Isso não é um bulldog

Sean Runnalls says:

How do you mistake french buldogs whit english ones

Clash With Marshall says:

The person was watching rio when that bulldog was trying to eat the treat

Yvonne Marone says:

ENGLISH!! So much CUTER!! 

Huma Waj says:

the first one was a pug

Sara Juliana Mendez Loaiza says:

Jajaja estos bulldogs

Eduardo Manrique says:

That one at 2:53 is french or english? Thanks!

Laura Jones says:

This is too cute!

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