Dogs Welcoming Owners Home Compilation

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Justine Ferrer says:

I"ve always bring my dog to my school,because,when bullies bully me,my dog will come and bite them to DEATH!!!

Samantha Boadu says:

sorry if I sound dumb, but why doesn't funny animals channel have the number of subscribers under the name :p

Nicola D'Agostino says:

Anche l'ultimo cagnolino,pur nella sua " diversità',faticosamente raggiunge il suo benefattore per dare e ricevere delle carezze. " UOMO" impara ad amare le " diversità' perché' sanno donarti e donarsi senza riserve !

Nicola D'Agostino says:

Quali e quante persone di famiglia od amici cari farebbero salti di gioia nel vederti? Soltanto la fedeltà' e l' amore degli" animali" ti darà' ,sempre, gioia,riconoscenza ed amore. "UOMO" impara ad amare !!! .

Elise Laframboise says:

Every morning when I open my bedroom door, my dog runs in the hallway and jumps on me like "GOOD MORNING MOM GOOD MORNING MOM, IM HUNGRY. ARE YOU HUNGRY? I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!"

Drake Gaston says:

not me I don't have a dog mine died

Daphne Gauchat says:

Cats suck

schlaznger says:

the last one was awesome. I have a dog the same way. She is 18 and broken down but still smiles every time she see's me .

megan rosko says:

Poor dog at the last video so cute I would have picked her up fest instead of letting it get trampled

Maya Doherty says:

My dog always do this when I come home from school like it not that long

Beauty is one true thing :3 says:

I ganan cry

Beauty is one true thing :3 says:

Aww so fucking cute

Gavin Fournier says:

hey you got your first sub (me)

Silly Peanut says:

this made me cry.. my dog do this to me everytime I came home and now she died coz the bad man hit her with his car now.. she cannot already do this things to me..😭😭😭

ARX78 says:

You are lucky to have such loving pets, and they are lucky to have you :)

Sanjeev Jeeva says:

I love dog so much

Melody Pink says:

This is what my dog does ever time I came home.

dmjohn0x says:

Dogs are so amazing. No other animal on the planet embodies loyalty so well.

MSABC991 says:

The best ones are with the soliders they fight for us and to have the man's or woman's best friend waiting for you to come home is priceless always brings tears to my eyes 😢

Siree Zcrosh says:

Ame el último!!!

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