Funny Dogs – A Funny Dog Videos Compilation 2016


Eve Delecluse says:

j'adore se truc

dirce lobue says:

Deixar um animal lamber um limão ou espirrá-lo em seus olhos, é considerado maus
tratos aos animais. Não façam mais isso…

Fruit Freda says:

i watch this after watching insert scary video and always makes my heart flufffff 😄😄😄😄😄

Dymeczka says:

1,26 :(((((

2014love2014 msp says:

Can u do "funniest cats 2016" 😍

2014love2014 msp says:

Nínja dog 😎

2014love2014 msp says:

Awhh 😍😂

Alexander Pushkin says:

Not cute :l

Sthembile Leslie says:

woooooow is amazing,dog lead the horse.

Sthembile Leslie says:

i likes dogs v.much.some others thy thnk im mad,cause i likes dogs.

Elle Wooden says:

Omg hahahahhhaaahah ! Hah!

Lacey Shih Tzu says:

All very cute!

Ana May says:

I'm really hoping they didn't tie the horse's rope to the dog's collar just in case it would get spooked.

joanna macias says:

aww!!! so cute!!! but why was that dog in the car!?!??!

H Lilo2 says:

I had a ruff time trying not to smile :3

TheDeadliestninja8 says:

the dog was a natural at fruit ninja

TheDeadliestninja8 says:

the dog was a natural at fruit ninja

Kawaii Crystal says:

All so cute😄

Samantha Jane says:

Why is my dog not on there. She is cute, She makes videos right here on youtube. She certainly is funny, Perhaps if you like this video you would like to check out my dogs videos. This video was great though. Thumbs up from me.

Sheashay101 says:

The Dog leading the horse is so adorable!

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