16 week labrador retriever puppy dog training and tricks

For everyone asking how long it took, you can see his progression in my other videos. I started training him around 9.5 weeks after he was adequately potty trained. Also, I get a lot of “how do I train him” questions. I don’t really have time to do these videos right now. Maybe someday 😀

Boomer has some new tricks to show off. Among the newer ones are moonwalk and bow. I am currently trying to combine back, come, and twirl into one command: line dance.


uzumaki naruto says:

i have a dog and he is 8 weeks

9boomerang says:

Good boy!

bozica damjanovic says:

Odabrani kućni ljubimci!

vikas sharma says:

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Giuseppe Maggiò says:

As my veterinary says : "There are dogs..and then there are Labradors".

Dilland Guthrie says:

this vine was the best vine in the would yo

Dilland Guthrie says:

that vine was so cool it puts the u n utob

Segan Goytiom says:

The Online Dog Trainer Is Easy & Fun… And Works For ALL BREEDS of Dogs!

Twelve24 says:

Amazing. I will be happy if my puppy just learns to sit and not whine every time i walk away.

nancy reilly says:

Amazing! Can you show how you taught these things?

Charlotte Lemarchand says:

trop chou

BobbieGold Gamers says:

dengst for de vidio kajs

cynthia syllables says:

how did you…. how did you teach it how to moon walk ? o-o

Hillary Arreaga says:

I'm subscribing
1.I adore dogs
2.I want to teach my dog
3.this is awesome

joanne Nilsson says:

That is amazing how you shift from one comand to another so quickly with him, you have done so well

Redwood65 says:

Had to put my yellow lab down after almost 14 years of companionship. Lost a best friend. Miss her so much. This video brings back great memories.

Bobi Davidkov says:

mine is 19 months and it can sit lay down give you a paw and if i tell him to stay in one place and put food in the room he doesnt eat it if i am there or if i am not it can only resist for 20 seconds then its all gone how could you

vishanth bharadwaj says:

moonwalk!! hilarious

kurzml says:

i don't speak a good english but is not too much for this poor dog?????4:14 of order ????? what is that ??? you have to be quite with this dog ok?????i think you joke too much he don't like it too much ok?i hope you understand my english

Tuyet Ngan Dinh says:

Such an adorable dog!

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